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We are the leading contract authority within the cocoa trade, supporting, encouraging, and promoting high standards in commercial relationships. Our standard contracts are used throughout the global cocoa economy enabling companies of differing sizes, strengths and capabilities, to benefit from the solid contractual platform that we provide which allows market participants to navigate through and secure their place in the cocoa market. 

By having representatives from all areas of the trade involved we aim to provide a balance of contracts. Through this perspective, we seek to maintain and enhance a contract platform which reinforces integrity in the market, whilst being inclusive of different sector needs. The “FCC Contract Rules for Cocoa Beans” is the most frequently used standard contract for the international physical trade in cocoa beans. The cocoa bean trade from West Africa is principally executed under these terms and there is growing use from cocoa producing countries located in other continents. Thorough understanding of the FCC contract rules is essential in order to navigate the complexities of the cocoa market and secure your place in the trade. 

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  • Contract Rules for Cocoa Beans
  • Arbitration & Appeal Rules
  • Quality Rules
  • Sampling Rules 
  • Weighing Rules 
  • CP 1 - Contract Rules for Liquid Cocoa Products 
  • CP 2 - Contract Rules for Packed Cocoa Products on Buyer's Call 
  • CP3 - Contract Rules for Shipment of Packed Cocoa Products in Containers on C&F, CIF, CPT or CIP terms – Seller booking and paying freight 
  • CP4 - Contract Rules for Shipment of Packed Cocoa Products in Containers on FOB or C&I Terms 

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