Online Education


The FCC is proud to introduce our first online learning module:
'Formation of Contract and Completion of a Short Form Contract for Cocoa Beans' 
AVAILABLE NOW on the online learning platform ‘AGRIBILITY – Training for international trade.’
(Please click here to see a statement from Robin Dand - The Importance of a Proper Start. )

The module is currently available in English and the French version will be released soon.

Click HERE to view the FCC Online Learning Brochure for more details about the content of this module and FCC online Education.

If you would like to register to complete the module, please complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

FCC online Modules take approximately 40 minutes to complete. There is a multiple-choice assessment at the end of the module and successful students will receive an electronic certificate of completion accredited by the FCC.

There is currently one module available on the platform. More FCC modules will be introduced to the platform over time so please keep an eye on our website for the list of available modules, which will constantly be updated.

Member fee: GBP 75+VAT (if applicable)
Non-Member fee: GBP 125+VAT (if applicable)


Modules available:
Formation of Contract and Completion of a Short Form Contract For Cocoa Beans – Register now