CANCELLATION: FCC 2021 Cocoa Dinner


As we’re sure you’re already aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has meant that it’s now vital to limit social contact and avoid gathering. For that reason, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 FCC Cocoa Dinner. Whilst we appreciate that this may be very disappointing news we count on your understanding that the safety of the cocoa community is our top priority at this time.

FCC Online Education - The Importance of a Proper Start


Most activities benefit from having a decent beginning.  Offspring benefiting from conscientious parents, or seedlings nurtured under beneficial controlled conditions are likely to be better able to withstand whatever comes later in life.  So it is with the life of a contract for physical goods.  Such a contract, clearly conceived in the minds of the buyer and seller (the parties) and properly written and administered has a better opportunity of delivering their intentions.  Poorly expressed terms of ill-thought or confused contractual intents are more likely to result in unhappiness in one or both of the contracting parties.

Fortunately in the world of internationally traded cocoa, purchases and sales of cocoa beans are able to be conducted on Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd, the FCC, Short Form Contracts.  These forms (available for free from the FCC website here) prompt parties to address the clauses required to make a successful contract.  Addressing a relevant clause is indeed a start, but perhaps cannot be considered as a proper start, as what and how to say in each clause has to be agreed.

What to do?

Help is now at hand as I am delighted to announce availability of the first module of the FCC Online training programme.  This first module addresses directly the issues faced by parties looking to express their contractual intentions in an FCC physical cocoa bean contract using the Short Form Contracts.  As the name suggests of the first module:

Formation of Contract and Completion of a Short Form Contract for Cocoa Beans

those who gain information from the module will have a better opportunity of ensuring their intentions are both properly formed and expressed.  It may also be that those following the module will learn that unintentional lax expressions placed inappropriately in the form may have expensive consequences either at arbitration or subsequently at law and are therefore better avoided.  Avoiding these issues means a better and proper start to the contractual agreement becoming a more likely outcome.

So now there is less of an excuse for parties to agree physical cocoa bean contracts on incomplete, misleading or inappropriate terms, which if ignored consigning their contract to an undistinguished start and potentially an expensive end.

Is this module only for those who are agreeing contract terms?  The answer is no, a definite no – the information here is also essential for all those involved in the execution of the physical cocoa contract.  The better the understanding of the contract terms by all involved will help its smooth execution.

So a proper start to the life of physical cocoa contract means fewer misunderstandings between the parties thereby reducing the likelihood of arbitration; and importantly that reduction in potential misunderstandings helps the relationship between buyer and seller, a delicate matter at the best of times and ensures that the next contract between the parties occurs and occurs without rancour.

The booking for this course is available from the FCC website and is initially available in English, with the French version to be launched in the next few weeks.  A brochure explaining more about this and future modules is available on the online education section of the FCC Website. 

A successful completion of the course will enable the student to be awarded an FCC Certificate, something to be added to the individual’s CV and something employers may well be seeking in candidates looking for employment.

I am so pleased that the cocoa community has this new tool to help ensure the proper start of a cocoa bean contract and I commend it to you all to enrol as much as I look forward to informing you all of subsequent FCC educational modules.

Stay well and trade successfully.

Robin Dand
Secretary General


COVID-19 Update: Remote Working




The 2015 FCC Cocoa Dinner


The 2015 Dinner was held on the 15th May 2015 at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London W1K 7TN.

The Dinner brought together around 980 people from the international cocoa community including key influential guest speakers such as the Vice-Presidents of  the Republic of Ghana and Indonesia. 
The theme of the 2015 Dinner was "West meets East" with focus on West Africa as the world's leaders of cocoa producers and the growing importance of Asia to the global economy.  See here full Programme.


We would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to our Sponsors for their generous support and commitment to making this event so successful.


The 2015 Cocoa Dinner was linked with a fund raising initiative for the SOS Children's Villages medical centre in Asiakwa, Ghana in order to help meet the running costs of the medical centre and enable over 1000 people in Asiakwa with treatment that could make the difference between life and death for them.

See here update on the SOS Children’s Village Asiakwa, Ghana – Medical Centre: SOS Children's Villages medical centre in Asiakwa


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