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Our last webinar entitled "Price and Climate: Drivers of Cocoa Production" held on Tuesday 19th October 2021 was very succesful with over 800 registered participants from 60 countries scattered over the five continents.

More webinars are on the way to meet the growing demand. You are invited to visit our Education section regularly for full details of our upcoming events.

Please find below information about our past webinar:


Free FCC Webinar on Tuesday 19th October 2021 at 12.00 noon (BST)

"Price and Climate: Drivers of Cocoa Production"

Variation in cocoa production have big impacts on a wide range of stakeholders. The drivers of these variations depend greatly on the timescale being looked at:

Steve Wateridge (Head Researcher, Tropical Research Services) will give a presentation on the long term relationship between price and cocoa production.

Dr Alina Gainusa-Bogdan (Head Researcher/Climatologist, Climate 42) will take us through the impacts that weather and climate have on short term variations in cocoa production.

The presentations will be followed by a Supply & Demand Panel Discussion incorporating Q&A from the presentations. The session will be moderated by Keith Heffernan (Strategic Sourcing Director-Cocoa Butter, Mars Wrigley) and the two webinar presenters will be joined on the panel by Richard Puddifoot (Head of Research, ECOM Cocoa) and Frederic Wenger (Head of Research, Olam Cocoa). Attendees will be able to post questions to the moderator during the webinar.